Welcome to the blacksmith shop “BK”.

Artistic forging – is a very good and popular nowadays art. Forging is one of the main ways of metal for thousands of years BC. Blacksmithing occupation Slavs considered unusual and even magic.

Wrought Iron – a card of any house, school, restaurant, cafe, bar, forging because it attracts looks, helps form the visitors the best experience possible. Thanks to the many benefits of forged products and its aesthetic form complemented the overall picture of the interior and exterior.

Today, in a time of progress, blacksmith shop “BK” is trying to implement all the ideas and plans of our customers. We offer a full range of artistic forged products, decorative wrought iron elements and metal with elements of forging. Production capacity of “BK” allow production of high complexity and high quality at reasonable prices.

You can see the sketches, the final product, to make their individual offer and designer only takes up a sketch for each customer.

The main focus of creativity in the blacksmith shop “BK” is the work of different styles of art, combining traditions of the past with the possibilities of modern materials and technologies.

Blacksmith shop “BK” in the market for 10 years. Our designers can help realize the dreams and ideas of our customers. Workshop performs Barrings for the implementation of forged products for the court, housing, restaurants, custom manufacturing for the church paraphernalia.

Our artists and designers will help you in choosing the most successful ideas for your home, shop, and our qualified quality will realize all your ideas.